Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Online Study Takes the Risk Out Of Learning

If you’ve been visiting this blog, you already know the benefits of taking college courses online. You can save money – a lot of it - and even cut the cost of your first college year down to a few thousand dollars. You can pursue your studies at the pace that’s right for you. You can take your classes anywhere, anytime.

But you might not have stopped to consider that online learning has one other big benefit too. It reduces the high cost of failure in your college work – and we all know that with tuition costs today, failure can cost you a lot of money.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways online study takes the risk out of learning:

  • Reason #1: You minimize the cost of failure. If you take a class in a regular college and you don’t do well, that course will appear on your college transcript indefinitely. Plus, you paid a lot of money for it. It you study online and a course doesn’t go too well, there is very little downside. You simply don’t have your results reported to the colleges where you are applying, or you don’t report them to your employer. The bottom line? You can try the course before it counts for real.

  • Reason #2: You can front-load your learning. If you have to take a course in English composition in your first year of college, why not hone your skills by taking an online writing course before you arrive at school? The result? You start your learning from an advantageous place.

  • Reason #3: You can shore up weak areas as you go along. You could look pretty bad if a professor calls on you in a classroom and asks, “What’s the difference between a trapezoid and a parallelogram?” But if that same question comes up during your online study, you simply pause the course while you look up the information. The result? You get the knowledge, not the blame.

  • Reason #4: You can take the time you need to prepare for tests and exams. In a regular college setting, you have to take tests and exams on the dates your instructors specify, whether you are ready or not. In online college courses, you can vote yourself extra time to study before you log on and take your tests. The benefit? You can take more time to prepare carefully and earn better grades.
Online study represents a terrific, risk-minimized value with a very big upside. So before you write that big check and walk into a college classroom, why not give college online learning a try?

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